Mission and Vision

Our Mission: Promoting solutions that improve the quality of life of children, youth and families in El Salvador by providing financial assistance and other supports, when and where they need it.

Our Vision:  Removing barriers so that children and youth can realize their full potential.

Casa de Ana fulfills its mission and pursues its vision through five streams of work:

  1. Helping children and youth with life limiting illnesses or complex medical conditions get the care they need by providing financial support to offset costs of any uninsured aspects of their care such as medications, tube feeding supplies, and equipment that can be used at home to increase quality of life and independence.
  2. Helping youth, particularly girls, go to college, thereby breaking the cycle of poverty for individuals who otherwise may face limited options to pursue a career. This means that girls may be pressured to follow a more traditional path to get married and start having children at a young age, which for many, reinforces a cycle of poverty.
  3. Assisting business owners and individual entrepreneurs by introducing their products and merchandise to potential buyers in Canada and other markets and increase their overall income and enhance the overall quality of life for their families.
  4. Supporting communities by raising awareness of tourism options with Canadians who might not otherwise think of El Salvador when planning their next holiday.  Changing the attitudes of even a few individuals has the potential to have an enormous impact on communities throughout El Salvador and across the Central American region.
  5. Facilitating relationships between Salvadoran and Canadian agencies (e.g. hospitals and universities) to enhance future health care service delivery models and open new pathways for young people when it comes to education choices.